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Student Project Sponsorship



What is Student Project Sponsorship?

This is an opportunity for undergraduate students from Northern Europe to gain an extra boost for their projects!

NI will provide a comprehensive sponsorship package for up to 10 individual or team projects, which could take them from good to award-winning.

In addition to cash, NI will provide training and engineering support, as well as a generous donation of NI technologies to enable students to instrument or automate their projects.


Introducing the NI sponsorship package

Sponsorship Period: November 2017 to 31st July 2018.

Continuation of the sponsorship will be reviewed at the end of the sponsorship period.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applications in 2017 is now closed and will open again in July 2018.
You still have the opportunity to get your project off to a flying start by applying for free NI student hardware for your project.




Eligibility & requirements

To be eligible for sponsorship, you must be an individual or a team who AT TIME OF SPONSORSHIP must be:

  • 18 years of age or older; and enrolled as a student at an accredited university that would award a bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degree.
  • A student in the Northern European Region (UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands or Sweden).
  • Agree to tell us about your project once its complete, by entering the NI Student Design Competition.


    Steps to enter

    1. Read the Guidelines and Expectations document
    2. Complete the Online Submission Form
    3. If your submission is shortlisted, we will organise a 20-minute interview about your project.


    Submit a project proposal now


    Examples of NI supported projects



    Developing a Miniature Locomotive for the IMechE Railway Challenge

    University of Southampton

    Learn more here


    How NI helped Cardiff racing make Formula Student history

    Cardiff University

    Learn more here 


    Perfect Pint: Controlling the Ultimate Beer Pouring Robot

    University of Leeds

    Learn more here


    Colorophone: Enabling Blind People to Listen to Light


    Learn more here


    Roadrunners: Engine Control Unit for Record Breaking Ecocar


    Learn more here 


    Stratos II: Launching a Rocket to a Record Altitude of 21.5 km

    Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

    Learn more here

    Student resources


    Hacker’s Handbook

    What happens when you give a student 1 week and 1 myRIO? These innovative quick-fire projects will blow your mind!

    Student Design Contest

    The competition that showcases the most innovative undergraduate projects from Northern Europe. Be inspired.

    LabVIEW MakerHub

    A community designed to inspire, enable, challenge and support makers using LabVIEW.


    Careers at NI UK & Ireland

    Learn about undergraduate placement and graduate career opportunities at NI and how to apply.

    An alternative way to request student hardware

    We also donate NI technology to a limited number of undergraduate projects. Every month!

    Perhaps you have missed the deadline for the full sponsorship package. Perhaps you do not need full sponsorship, but would like an easy way to request NI student technology. If so, here’s your chance to your project off to a flying start by securing free NI hardware!


    If you are interested in finding out how NI can work with your project please contact our sponsorship team.