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NIDays Keynote

NIDays keynote presentations give attendees a first look at the latest, cutting-edge innovations for engineers and scientists using NI tools and technologies to accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation across a wide variety of industries.

Morning Keynote: Impacting Today's Business


Presenter: To Be Announced.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Analog Data are no longer just trends, but are fast becoming a reality. We will present some of these new applications and technologies, and also show how these key themes are already influencing our businesses and economies today. We will take a look at how this gives rise to new trends like the convergence of technology, which allows innovative companies – like Tesla and Google in the automotive domain – to enter established markets with revolutionary technology. This keynote will highlight how you can ride the wave of this new reality for test, measurement and control.

Afternoon Keynote: A Glimpse into the Future

Richard Roberts, Academic Marketing Engineer & TU Delft, The Netherlands

We are living through unprecedented times. The Internet of Things is profoundly impacting product design, manufacturing, education and infrastructure. However, contemporary technology must evolve to realise the true potential of the IoT. In this forward-looking keynote, we will be previewing future trends, demonstrating upcoming platforms, and celebrating tomorrow’s engineers.

Stratos II+ Rocket: Smashing the European Altitude Record, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Also, hear from TU Delft as they talk about their space rocket designed, built and launched entirely by students! The team used NI CompactRIO to control the launch pad, and also to aid the development of one of the most powerful hybrid propulsion systems ever made by students. Not only did they  launch the rocket to an altitude of 21.5km, setting a new European record for amateur rocketry, but the students also retrieved the rocket in near-pristine condition. A truly stellar achievement!