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Learn the Fundamentals of Building a Test System


Test Executive Software

Understand the purpose and core functionalities of text executives and how they can automate and streamline large test systems. Examine three different practical scenarios to determine how an in-house custom-built executive or a commercial off-the-shelf solution can impact the efficiency and cost of deploying and maintaining a test system.

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Hardware and Measurement Abstraction Layers

Hardware and measurement abstraction layers are effective design patterns that make test software as adaptable as hardware. Rather than employ device-specific code modules in a test sequence, you can use abstraction layers to decouple measurement types and instrument-specific drivers from the test sequence. Learn how to drastically reduce development time by giving hardware and software engineers the ability to work in parallel.

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Rack Layout and Thermal Profiling

Often overlooked, thermals can impact measurement quality and measurement system reliability. Learn basic design approaches and explore thermal modeling tools for designing a rack measurement system.

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Switching and Multiplexing

Switching can be a cost-effective and efficient option for expanding the channel count of your instrumentation, but it is not always the best option. Learn about the four different switching architectures and determine the best strategy to meet the needs of your test system.

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