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Academic training

Whether you have been using NI LabVIEW software for years and want to brush up on a few topics, are a student needing to prepare for your first LabVIEW course, or a professor or researcher that prefers in-person training, National Instruments has options for you. See the training options below to learn how to use NI tools for your homework, classroom, or research projects.

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Training Offer for academics


Are you an academic (PhD/Masters student, researcher, lecturer or full-time academic employee) using NI hardware or software? You may be eligible to attend an NI LabVIEW training course with 25% discount.

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Available formats

Online training

With an active Standard Service Program (SSP) subscription to Academic Site License, online training is free for academic users with a valid user profile.

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Learn about the Academic Site License

Video tutorials

Watch three-minute tutorials on all of the basic LabVIEW concepts for free. Begin learning or add this to your course syllabus today.

Watch the 'Learn LabVIEW' tutorials

Watch the 'Learn RIO' tutorials

Local training calendar

Sign up for a local course and learn from a Certified LabVIEW Instructor. Be sure to ask about discounts for academic customers.

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